Monday, November 21, 2005

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition / Sunday November 20th, 2005 at 8pm / Sunday November 20th, 2005 / ABC

I’m Michael Moloney, an interior glamour designer. This week, we chose the Johnson family, a family of five who lived in an inappropriate house for one of their children, Will. When Will was 14 months old, he was diagnosed with a life threatening disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. This little boy has half body paralysed. My project this week was to design the room for Will’s sister, Abby, a soccer player. So I designed an amazing soccer room for her. I also designed the parent’s room to give them a place to relax. My friend Ty, designed Will’s room all with Red Sox things because Will is one of the biggest fans of this team. Our team also brought to the new home an elevator for Will to go upstairs without any help. Their new house is now adapted for Will.

I was really cheery to see how happy the family was when they saw their new home. Now, Will can go everywhere in his house, without any problems and help, and seeing what this means to the parents represent so much to me. I was also very glad to see abby's reaction when she entered her new room all designed with soccer things. The parents were also very happy to have a place to escape and relax and this was really important to me. It’s always fun to give the family what they really deserve.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition / Sunday October 30th , 2005 at 8pm / Sunday October 30th , 2005 / ABC

I’m Ty Pennington, the team leader. This week, I chose the Ginyard family, a mother, Veronica, with eight children, that were living in a very small house cramped for a family of four. Me and the design team, as usual, built an amazing house by destroying it and rebuilding it from zero. The design team and I gave the family more than just a house; we gave them a new truck. Moreover, the family received a check of $100,000 for the education of the children and another one to help Veronica raise her children.

I was very happy to see that the family really appreciated our work. At the beginning, when I saw the video that the family sent us to participate on the show, I saw that they were really in need. It was necessary to give them a new house and a new life, a secure one. I was joyful when I saw Veronica’s eyes when she saw my special project, her new bedroom. I was happy to gave her a real room, because this woman had very difficult moments in her life and gave everything to her children. I’m very glad to see that the final result was perfect.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition / Sunday October 2, 2005 at 8pm / Sunday October 2, 2005 / ABC

Why did the design team choose the Barret family?

The Barret Family had a very little house with 6 children and they could no longer live like this with a school in the garage, not enough room for everyone in the living room and small rooms.

What did the design team change to allow the family to live a better life?

They built a much bigger house, with a separate school in the backyard. They gave a computer to each child to help them at school, and they built a big kitchen for the mom so she can easily do cooking for everyone. They made a huge living room so the family can all sit together. Moreover, the company ­Keller Homes, who helped the design team to build the house, gave a big ten thousand dollars to the family.

What was the special project of Ty this week?

This week, Ty decided to make a “little more room” so the Barret family can adopt two more children. With their old house, they couldn't adopt other children because their house was too small and was not adequate to receive them, that’s why Ty did it.

Why did Anne and Billy Jack (the parents) compare children to horses?

They compared them to horses because they said that horses are pure, like children. Troublesome horses are like troublesome kids, if you know how to deal with a troublesome horse, it’s sure you know how to deal with children.

Why did the parents decide to adopt these four children?

The four kids they adopted were qualified un-adoptable and unmanageable by the Colorado Department of Human Services. They were kids that no one wanted, but Anne and Billy Jack wanted them, they knew they could give them a better life. Like they said, if they would be able to control troublesome horse, they were able to control troublesome kids.

Sunday, September 25, 2005


Extreme Makeover: Home Edition / Sunday September 25, 2005 at 8pm / Sunday September 25, 2005 / ABC

This week, the design team chose a family in which the dad was an Iraqi war veteran. Luis Rodriguez, the daddy of two young girls, was injured during this war. He lost one of his legs and since then, he has a lot of difficulties to move all around his house because there was nothing adequate for him to live with his handicap. The design team built a wonderful house in step with his handicap. As an example, in the bathroom, they designed a shower with a seat in it and a bath in which he can get in alone. For the mom, they built a beautiful kitchen with all the commodities. Each girl gets the room of their dream and an amazing playroom with a superb aquarium. Each room was bigger than normal to accommodate Luis with his handicap. The team did a really great job to give hope and happiness to the family.

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Congratulations to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on winning the Emmy for Outstanding Reality Program!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Extreme Makeover :Home Edition


Extreme Makeover: Home Edition / Sunday September 4, 2005 at 8pm / Sunday September 4, 2005 / ABC

This TV show is about a little group of designers who choose a deserving family to build them a new house in seven days.

The design team always chooses families that are in need. They change completely the look of the house or rebuild it totally and always adapt it to the needs of the members of the family.

The design team includes the team leader Ty Pennington, a carpenter, Paul DiMeo, carpentry/attitude, Paige Hemmis, carpentry/nut & bolts, Michael Moloney, interiors/glamour, Constance Ramos, building/planning, Ed Sanders, construction, Preston Sharp, exteriors/big ideas and Eduardo Xol, landscaping.

It’s amazing what the design team can do in seven days for the family. It’s fun to see that the designers really care about what they’re doing. The result is always wonderful and the familes are always satisfied and really appreciate the final result. Their lives have changed.